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Cappex has always taken a holistic approach to private admissions advising. Our full end-to-end advising service is a high-touch process run by experienced advisors that focus on each student’s unique narrative strategy. Now, for the first time, we're offering a complete essay-only service that takes all of the rigors of the full narrative framework and applies them to just the personal statement and supplemental essays required by virtually every selective college.  

Our Methodology

At Cappex, our Complete Essay Package advising goes well beyond editing. Our team of carefully selected admissions advisors works with you to make sure that your topics fit with the rest of your application strategy and that your prose stands out from the hundreds of thousands of other essays that admissions officers read every year.

Our advisors know that the personal statement and supplemental essays are perhaps the only chance a student has to stand above his or her academic credentials and present a real and compelling person. We push students for greatness when it comes to essay writing

Our Process

When you purchase our Complete Essay Package, whether you're writing a personal statement, supplemental essay, or both, we offer a methodical and expert approach that will take you from wherever you are today, to an authentic, polished and ready for submission essay. We help you:

  • Choose a compelling topic that fits with your broader application narrative

  • Bring your story to life with a solid foundation and engaging details

  • Ensure that your essay is structurally and grammatically sound

Make no mistake - all of this great work will be your own voice - but it will be your best voice.

Our Advisors

Cappex’s Essay service uses the same admissions advisors that run its full end-to-end admissions advising service. These full-time, experienced advisors know to make student essays stand out in a positive way. Our advisors have been through this process countless times and know how to get the most out of student writing.

When you work with our admissions advisors you not only get access to experienced professionals trained in a proven methodology, you also get a co-pilot to help you through the process. Our staff knows how to help you on track and meet deadlines. We also know how to push through writers’ block and help you find your voice.

Let's Get Started

Regardless of what stage of the application process you're in, Cappex Admissions Advising can help you get your essays across the finish line. Get more information about the services we offer, or go ahead and order what you need to get started immediately.

If you want to schedule time to talk to one of our admissions advisors to make sure our service is right for you, please schedule a consultation at a time that's convenient for you.


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