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Cappex’s holistic approach to admissions advising helps you make the most of your Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays. Have Questions? We have Answers:

How does the process work?

Whether you sign on for help with your Personal Statement or with Supplemental Essays, the first thing we’ll do is pair you with an Admissions Advisor that will work with you to complete the project. In your first call together, your Advisor will get a sense of where you are to date and devise a plan to get you to where you need to be. This might include brainstorming topics that fit your narrative, identifying what makes you unique and strategizing how to best present it in written form. Together, you’ll work through multiple drafts and iterations until the essay is right where it needs to be.

Who are your Advisors?

Cappex Admissions Advisors each have years of experience working with students on presenting their best selves to colleges. The full-time Advisors that work on essays are the same ones that work on Cappex’s full product offering. Best of all, we take a team approach at Cappex, so your essay(s) will be reviewed by multiple people.

What if I have no idea what to write about?

Part of the process is brainstorming what to write about in the first place. So many prospective applicants write essays that they think admissions officers want to read, when really they are just turning in more cliche topics that don’t get noticed. Part of our job here is to get that fabulous, unique story out of you so that you can rise above the rest.

Can I purchase multiple essay products?

Yes! Cappex Admissions Advising can help you with both the Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays. Many students discount the role of the supplementals in their applications, which is a mistake. Especially at highly selective schools, the supplemental essays carry a lot of weight and are the way that students with high interest get to demonstrate that interest. Our team is capable of helping you with as many essays as you may need.

How long does it take to complete my essays?

Usually, the answer to the question revolves around how quickly you, as the applicant, are able to turn drafts of your essay(s). Our Advisors are readily available and their calendars are open for you to schedule on once you’ve come on board. Just remember that to avoid tight deadlines, you want to start the process as early as possible.

Will you write my essays for me?

Absolutely not! Nor would you want us to. Admissions Officers are looking for your voice, not ours. Our Advisors will work with you to get the most out of your story and guide you to places that you may not have considered. And we will work with you the way an editor would with regards to grammar and spelling. But this is your story to tell and write!

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Regardless of what stage of the application process you're in, Cappex Admissions Advising can help you get your essays across the finish line. Get more information about the services we offer, or go ahead and order what you need to get started immediately.

If you want to schedule time to talk to one of our admissions advisors to make sure our service is right for you, please schedule a consultation at a time that's convenient for you.


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